Extra Long Corn Bag - Rhythm Rest - Hot and Cold Therapy, Moist Heat Benefits, Natural Pain Relief, Gifts for All Ages, Heating Pad

Extra Long Corn Bag - Rhythm Rest - Hot and Cold Therapy, Moist Heat Benefits, Natural Pain Relief, Gifts for All Ages, Heating Pad


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This classic corn bag is an excellent size for wrapping around the neck, back, knees, etc. Measures approx. 20” x 5”. It is divided in three sections on the inside, which keeps the corn in place, preventing it from sliding to one side.

Our family has been using corn bags for seven years! Hot or cold, they provide comfort and relief for tired bodies. Corn Bags are fantastic gifts for anyone and any occasion. Simple instructions are included on the back of our product tags.

In the time we have been producing Corn Bags, we have heard testimonies of relief from everything from backaches, neck injuries, arthritis, headaches, sinus pain, and cramps of all kinds. This all supports the belief that the simple natural solution to pain is often the best.

All our Corn bags are double lined and double stitched. This greatly increases their durability and life span. Many customers say that they have been using their corn bag(s) for years! They are filled with commercially dried feed corn. This variety provides the ideal moisture content and is guaranteed not to pop.

To Use Your Corn Bag Hot:
Corn Bags are heated in the microwave and provide moist heat relief to sore muscles or can be used just for general comfort. Start your corn bag in the microwave for 1 minute and then increase by 30 second increments until the desired temperature is reached. Use caution and do not overheat (do not exceed 4 minutes total).

To Use Your Corn Bag Cold:
Corn Bags provide an excellent cold pack when used from the freezer perfect for swelling, boo boos, hot summer nights, etc. Simply place in a plastic freezer bag and then into the freezer. For maxium cold store in freezer overnight.

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Great item, great size! Love the patterns available and the quality and warmth of the product.

Love it! Will make the perfect gift. Exactly as described and extremely fast shipping.

Absolutely met my expectations. I bought three of these for Christmas gifts and they are such great quality. I especially love that the directions are printed on the tag. So convenient.

These are AWESOME! My daughter can’t take her migraine medicine while pregnant, so these will be a big help! The material is excellent quality and beautiful! I will write another review once she has received them for Christmas! Thank you! 😊