We love corn bags!

We started making corn bags over 12 years ago. A friend of mine gave me a bin of fabric she was no longer using and told me about corn bags. I had never heard of them before. I made some for Christmas presents and people loved them. They gave me feedback on the size and shape they liked, and we got to work. All my kids loved them and took them to bed with them. Since then I don't know how to go to bed without my hot corn bag. :) It's so comforting. Once you start using them, you'll know what I mean. People at our craft shows rave about how they use their corn bags... headaches, backaches, arthritis, injuries, migraines, menstrual cramps, fibromyalgia, among many others.
We double stitch and double line our corn bags to last a long time. We love funky, modern, and classy fabrics to help lift your spirits as you use them. They should make you happy. So many people like to match them with their furniture :)
Besides having an Etsy shop, we display our corn bags at craft shows. The shows we are attending this year are listed on our website: www.simplygiftsny.com. We might be at a show near you. You can go to our website or one of our craft shows and see our hand-crafted glycerin soaps as well. Thank you so much for stopping by.

Thank you for your corn bag purchase! Here are some guidelines to help you enjoy your corn bag for a very long
1. Santize – every effort has been made to clean the corn used in your bag. However, to ensure there aren't
any unwanted microorganisms present, you should microwave your bag atleast once prior to storing or
setting aside as a gift.
2. Do not overheat - if it is too hot to go directly on your skin, You are heating it too long. Microwave strength
varies so you will have to check this until you figure out the right time for your microwave. See heating
directions on the back of your tag as well.
3. Spritz with water routinely - Though your bag will give its own moisture initially, routine spritzing will prevent
it from ever drying out. If your bag feels completely dry when you remove it from the microwave you are
not applying enough water. If you have more than one corn bag, rotating their use can help them to
maintain their moisture level.
4. Insure that no foreign material is in your microwave or on your corn bag when heating e.g. oil, tin foil, or
any other potential accelerantes.
5. Never leave microwave or warm corn bag unattended.
6. If Corn bag has a burnt or funny odor allow to cool and discard.
Storage: When not in use, your corn bag needs ventilation. Never seal your bag in an air tight bag or container
except when freezing. Do not store your corn bag wet. If your corn bag gets wet or you've applied additional
moisture for spot washing, we recommend heating in microwave and allowing to cool and dry in a well ventilated
space. Repeat as needed. To use cold: store in a zip loc bag in the freezer to help prevent odors from the freezer
penetrating your bag. Enjoy!

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